Installation of Curved Glass

Curved Glass InstalledMost glazier services will cover the need for curved glass installations – in fact next to repairs, this service is the most popular. A good installation can last for a lifetime and when done properly, the results can look great whilst ensuring the safety and security of a home or commercial property. Hiring a glazier for a window installation can be fairly straight forward, what with so many service providers in and around Melbourne hoping to offer their skills and expertise.

But what does the installation process actually involve and what should you do as a property owner to prepare for the task ahead?

Clear the area around your windows

It’s not just about moving furniture inside; you might also need to relocate any vehicles that are parked on a driveway – especially if scaffolding will need to be placed to access the upper windows. Most glaziers will ask you to do this before they arrive, but for a small fee they will often be happy to take care of the clearances themselves.

Schedule a time for a visit

Most window fitters will be able to take care of an entire frame in the space of a few hours, in fact the majority will pride themselves on their rapid installation services. Depending on the number of windows that need to be fitted, as well as the size of the frames themselves, you might need to stay home all day, or be present for several days, so be sure to schedule your project in and find a reliable glazier that can promise to be with you on time every day.

Monitor the project

It can be easy to walk away from a window installation project and trust your glazier to take care of everything – but you might find yourself wanting to change the look and layout of your windows as they are being fitted. Most glaziers will be used to this and although the frames and windows won’t be easily modified; there are some things that can be monitored and re-considered, such as the style of the fittings. Being able to see your glass expert taking care of the installation in real-time can also be reassuring, as you’ll be able to make sure that they are doing a good job.