New Lawn Mowers

Choosing a New Lawn Mower

Keeping a garden in great condition all year round can be a priority for many home owners. From those that consider themselves expert gardeners, to individuals that simply enjoy the therapeutic benefits of tending a garden from time to time – if there’s one tool that will find itself used more than most, it’s a lawn mower.

These vehicles are a great way to keep grass looking fresh and healthy and with a range of different types to choose from, the hardest decision can actually relate to purchasing a new one to suit the garden itself. There are ride-on mowers, petrol powered alternatives and even those that rely on electricity – and knowing which one to choose can make a lot of difference.

Ride on mowers

These mowers can vary in size, from small enough to fit a single seat, to as large as a car. They are recommended for larger gardens and fields, especially those that may require a more substantial amount of attention when it comes to keeping the lawn in tip top condition.

Petrol mowers

Many home owners prefer to use petrol mowers, as they can often be far more powerful than their electrical equivalents. They can sometimes be more expensive to run as their main source of fuel is petrol, but with the option to choose from different sized engines, it can be fairly straight forward to pick one that will be able to meet the needs of the lawn.

Electric mowers

In the past, these electrically powered mowers were used most commonly. They started to become obsolete when petrol alternatives were introduced, but plenty of gardeners still rely on them. One of their main advantages is that they run on electricity; making them the most cost effective type of mower available. The cable can sometimes get in the way however, and it’s not unheard of for the blades of a mower to cut right through the cabling by accident, which can be dangerous if a live wire is left laying around.