Reception Problems

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Are you experiencing reception problems? Do you have lines running across your television screen, snowy pictures or are your images pixilated? There could be a number of reasons for issues such as these however, before you waste money buying equipment you may not need (only to find out you have the same problems), contact Local Bloke Antenna Services and have one of our experienced technicians find the fault.

Now that we are in the midst of the digital transition phase, many picture faults may begin to appear that perhaps you never had before, especially if you have just bought a new digital TV or set-top box. This is because these frequencies work differently with the new equipment and these new imperfections could be caused by your old antenna infrastructure.

In most cases our experienced technicians can sort out your reception issues on the spot!

Please call our friendly installers for bookings, FREE QUOTES, and quality local service.

Service Call

Service Includes:

On site support for reception problem trouble shooting and home theatre trouble shooting.